Deserving It All

Let go of guilt
It’s by Love’s hand we’re built
Born with grace and security
Formed with thoughtful image
Perfected to the hilt
Asked of us only is a willingness to see
That God loves us 
and this Truth sets us free
So wake up and smile, 
get up off your knees
You will find in the end, 
illusion in sin
And in each moment, 
a new chance to begin
The way out mirroring the way back in
Saying what we mean 
and meaning what we say
Giving all that we have 
and having it all come back our way
Giving to whomever we please
We can have it all 
and have no fear
Limitations are lifted 
by courage made clear

Our pleasure grows as we forgive
Strengthening us and protecting us
From within as from above
So let’s not conflict one with another
That's no way to live
Remember you were made from love  

Bite that guilt bug back
Say, “Be off with you,
Get on down the track”
You’ll find that feeling good
Is worth a little effort
Worthiness is the prize
When we realize
We deserve it