Co-Creator Conspiracy

Heaven lives where our hearts rest
Hell, an illusion that only exists
in conflicts of interest
behind the confines of every imprisoned mind
in those moments we choose not to be kind
Our tongue – by tradition, an easy bribe
carves words that denounce and describe
life both ignorant and sublime
still expecting a return
in space and in time
When our eye focuses on brutality
We are polarizing reality
we must manifest equity
unfolding our love
as a butterfly creates a flower
balance of nature reveals
inner power
Creating peace
through peaceful consciousness
builds bridges of positive possibility
we are
each one of us
up to it
Erecting a bridge of expansion
connecting thought to expression
this alone is our own responsibility
Love is God’s main course
Desire, a justified dessert
Ecstasy, the food of prayer
Nourishing us and healing hurt.
When our smiles are sweet
Our eyes fired with delight
we know
without doubt
our path is right
No one experiences hell
by wishing their neighbor well
and lifting them on their way
together, and by choice
we create a lighter day
In the palm of our hand
is counted each grain of sand
We all choose our own voice
to judge each other or rejoice
So my friend, rest assured
let me put your mind at ease
We are healed and we are cured
We have collectively kicked every disease
Our prayer is always heard
No need to say please
Let’s use interchangeable pronouns
It doesn’t matter how It is pronounced
Me or Him or You or We
Any One sets any other One free

No Time At All / All The Time

No time to wait
Though the heart tick-tocks
releases the fear
tears open all locks
drum beat open ear
heart tickle
ya late

Miracles Breathe Free

Miracles breathe free
like the respiration of life
poetry verse and universe true
symmetry and equality
inequality too
Tears of rage, tears of grief
are miracles of human relief
Laughter and ecstasy, reminders
we feel with divine belief
Chaos and order, the twin brothers
of that miracle we call creation
Back and forth, dominate then subjugate
Defined by interdependent relation
Miracles hold the fingerprint
For the mysteries of fate and fortune
Belly full and beautiful
or singing the blues out of tune
Catch 22, a miraculous catch
Male and female, a miraculous match
A miracle is never locked up
Like love, it has no latch

Tao Jones

There are any number of ways
the Truth can show
There is only one way
We go
That way has no direction
There is nothing there to know
Howl at the moon
Howl as you sway
lay down a rhythm, ride a wave
If there were rules against it
It would not be
the way
Oh, no.
Let us not start that game
everything is ambivalent
There is only one

Peaced Together

Like a puzzle
Pieced together by feeling
Falling into place
Peacefully unfolding
Freeing and redeeming
But most of all, fun

Down the rabbit hole and over the rainbow
Clouds float gently upon thoughts sky high
No reason to lie, cheat, or steal
Only time to realize

it’s all within you to reveal