Co-Creator Conspiracy

Peace lives 
ever where
our hearts rest

Pain exists
in conflicts of interest

Behind the confines
of our imprisoned minds
in those moments
we choose
not to be kind
Our tongue
always an easy bribe
carves words
that denounce and describe
life both ignorant
and sublime
obsessed with remaining
in space and in time
When our eye is focused on brutality
We polarize reality
We must manifest equity
unfolding our love
a butterfly creates a flower
the balance of nature

our inner power
Create peace
through peaceful thought
build an expansion
bridge the void with form

we are
each one of us
both up to it
and down to it
This alone
is our own

Love is God's main course
Desire, a just dessert
Ecstasy, the food of prayer
Nourishing us and healing hurt.
With our smiles sweet
Our eyes
fired with delight

we know
without doubt
our path is right
No one knows hell
by wishing their neighbor well
and lifting them along the way
together, by choice
we create
a lighter day

In the palm of our hand
is counted
each grain of sand

We all choose
our own voice

to judge each other
or rejoice

So my friend,
rest assured

let your mind be at ease
We are healed and we are cured
We can collectively kick
every disease
Our prayer is always heard
Without saying please
Let's use interchangeable pronouns
It doesn't matter
how It is pronounced

Me or Him or You or We
Any One sets any other One free

Rob Chavez 1991