Food For God

Hungering for ecstasy?
Have that urge to merge with the infinite sea?
Available to you are infinite possibilities
To be sated with joy and vibrate ecstatically

Ask the first person you see with a smile
Wisdom rests on a contented face
Listen and learn, give it time to be so
Truth has no need to race

Ask the girl twirling through the air
Making love while fingering her hair
She laughs at lies, fears no crying
never judges, doesn’t dare

Ask the boy dancing free
Spinning in space, relatively
Time never touches his soul
He lives his life positively

Ask the old woman, she might know
She has lived her whole life
always willing to grow
How to feel good, she says, I’ll tell you how
Live this fine moment
right here in the now

What works for me
Is accepting others
Every way I can
Be it woman or be it man
Being loving is being human

And if
in any way
I am caught by doubt
I use my love for God
to figure it out

I ask for forgiveness
and look for connection
I dance to the rock of ecstatic perfection

I read the Good Book
I give all a knowing look
Keeping my eye peeled
For that internal devil
Prejudiced scales
are never on the level

Be a generous and loving neighbor
Create a kind mood
Think of Love as God’s favorite food

We deserve to serve it
Give it away
Offer it humbly,
day by day

The more Love we share
The more God provides
The clearer the picture
The more thrilling the rides

Our Love for each other
Is God’s favorite meal
The reward for His feeding
is the joy we can feel

Rob Chavez