Wing Sleep

Fly in sleep
Bell the gong
Reverse the age
Silent song
My eyelids lie lidded with dust
The faucet drips
The razor’s edge rusts
Dreams of youth have fled
with dreams of lust

Waking where the willows weep
Then rolling over
and sinking back into sleep
Down in the ravines
where kudzu
and Virginia creepers creep
haunted by thoughts
I should better not keep
and revealing myself
to the tealeaves that steep
Wandering through waters
my knees measure deep
I slip myself through
as posey children sing
round rosey ring
All things are possible
God bless the good king
Liberty loves company
dancing free, destined to see
often lit, catcher mitt
couplet split, creation fit
lighthouse hat, happy and fat
Weep if you will
Tears of appreciation
Tears of acceptance
and resolve
Tears of sweetness
and healing
Tears of lightness
and revealing
Tears that defy fear
and reflect the Truth
You are essential
This has always been true
It is your desire
with which everything connects
Everything connects
God’s Love to you.